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Bumper Repair


Did you know that plastic, rubber, and urethane bumpers can be reshaped in an environmentally friendly way?

Normally, repairing your bumper involves paint and plastic fillers. It’s a slow process, involving periods of heating and cooling, and if the technician isn’t careful, the paint on your bumper can burn and crack. Or, even worse, your bumper can stretch beyond repair.

But Paulo of Dent Guy Sarasota has spent years mastering new techniques in bumper repair not found anywhere else. You get your bumper fully restored; not just pushed out and patched up. And, as in his Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process, this one too, is environmentally friendly.

We maintain your car’s factory flexible finish by not using paint or plastic fillers so, you avoid strange color mismatches, peeling or cracking bumper repairs.

If you do have small chips or scratches that can’t be removed with color sanding and polishing, we’re more than happy to touch them up at no cost to you. You just have to supply a bit of “touch up” paint from your dealership.

Spot Painting / Complete Panel Refinishing / Smart Repairs

If your bumper needs a little TLC beyond basic paintless bumper reshaping, Dent Guy Sarasota is now offering spot refinishing, complete refinishing, and replacement.