Headlight Restoration


Are your headlights:

  • Yellowed?
  • Cloudy?
  • Ugly?

Is it hard to see at night because they’re a bit dim?

If so, it’s time to bring your car in for our cost-effective headlight resurfacing treatment to eliminate the discoloration and cloudiness. Bring some brightness back to your nights.

Advantages of Headlight Restoration

  • Improves the safety of your family and yourself by allowing greater emission of light
  • Eliminates dullness
  • Removes the foggy appearance
  • Increases resale value
  • Eliminates costly replacement
  • Enhances appearance

Fact: Driving with dull or clouded headlights is a safety hazard.

Resurfacing will remove the cloudiness or yellowing from your headlights and could improve your nighttime visibility by as much as 95%

Fact: Restoring your lenses can prevent yellowing and cracking.

Fact: The length of lens (headlight) repair depends on factors such as:

  • Climate
  • Sun exposure
  • Salt exposure (such as ocean air)
  • Mineral content in the water
  • Improper cleaning and caring of your vehicle

Fact: Yellowing can occur on the inside of your headlights, but this is usually a small portion of damage and depends on how well your lights are sealed.

Fact: Our system can be used on any type of plastic, including the red and yellow plastic of your blinkers and taillights.

Fact: Our process involves more than just polishing the lenses.

We start out by wet sanding with several ultra-fine grits of special sand papers followed by an oxidation remover. The finishing touch is a durable shine restorer clear sealer, without which the headlights would just dull out like regular polishing.

Come see us and bring back safety, appearance, and pride to your fine automobile.

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