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Did you know that it’s surprisingly easy to damage the finish on your wheels? Anything from bumping into a curb to forgetting not to use steel wool your wheels when you’re giving your car a scrub-down can take a toll.

So where do you go when you’ve got a ding to buff out?

To us, of course. We’re happy to say that Dent Guy Sarasota now does alloy wheel repair!

Our expert technicians can perform your wheel repair quickly and efficiently, reducing both your wait and your cost. Our unique process restores curbed, scraped, and scuffed rims back to their original appearance at a fraction of the cost of replacements. And, the new look can add significant resale value to your vehicle (please note that Dent Guy Sarasota cannot guarantee a value).

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Helpful / Interesting facts about your wheels

Fact: Roughly 70 – 80% of wheel damage is caused by scraping against curbs.

Fact: The best way to clean and protect your wheels/rims is with a gentle soap, some warm water, and a bit of good, old fashioned elbow grease.

Fact: If you take your car to a full-service car wash, it’s best to ask them if they use acid-based cleaners on the wheels. If they do, drive away. Those cleaners will damage your wheels over time. (Also keep in mind that the full-service car wash-ers may not know this.)

Fact: Winter can be hard on your wheels. Ask us how you can protect them from harsh weather and environments.